Living With Cancer:

At Authentic Life, I offer counselling and life coaching services to people currently living with cancer, and to those within 18 months post-treatment, at half my standard rate. That brings the cost of each full 50-minute session to $60 + GST.


If you are living with a cancer diagnosis, or if treatments are behind you and you are struggling to define a new “normal,” I understand a bit about what you’re going through. As a cancer survivor myself, I’ve been there.


The experience of living with cancer is unique for each individual; at the same time, parts of the experience are very common:


  • You may or may not have the same perspectives or feel the same way others do about going through this major life event. 

  • You’re called upon to make life altering decisions very quickly, gain complicated medical knowledge fast, and understand and navigate a complex medical system.

  • You’re handing over decisions about your activities and routine and placing your trust in strangers with regard to your body, health and future.


Talk about an exercise in giving up control.


If you are fortunate to be done with treatment, first of all – a heartfelt congratulations! But second of all:


  • You may not feel the sense of elation and relief you thought you would and that others seem to expect you should. And it’s possible no one ever told you this is normal.

  • Just because treatment is over, doesn’t mean you feel well. Regaining your energy, strength and a feeling of wellness will take a while.

  • The end of treatment never comes with great confidence that you’re out of the woods.

  • Your sense of identity, of life and the world has likely been impacted by your experience with cancer, so what used to fit for you may not be a fit anymore.


You’re starting a whole new journey of self-discovery.


You can learn more about me here. If you’d like to meet and explore whether we might be a good fit to help you through these challenging times, please schedule a free 30-minute consultation.