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Bridge into the Woods

Reposting September 2, 2019

What does it mean to live authentically? 

To me, it means being true to who you are inside, and I believe that who you are is defined by love. What do you love? How do you love? Who do you love? Be true to that. That is the only thing that truly matters in life. That alone will bring you fulfillment.


What are the ​tell-tale ​signs of someone who isn’t living the truest version of themselves?  

The more readily identifiable signs that I see are: fear in various forms, frequently comparing oneself to others, feeling something is missing or that one is capable of more, feeling that one is not good enough and failing to follow through on ideas and desires. People who are experiencing these things also often express a real exhaustion of spirit. The signs are not always obvious...

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Life Outside The Box: Are You An Outside-The-Box Person

September 17, 2019 - Heather Hennenburg

As a counsellor and life coach, one of my specialties is helping outside-the-box thinkers who look at life and process the world a little differently than others do. Often, they have a strong sense of purpose and drive to make a positive contribution to the world but are raised to believe their big ideas, passions and goals are unrealistic or too risky. They are usually told over and over to “get a real job”.


But these folks are almost never happy with proscribed paths or sticking with just one direction. In fact, they are often incredibly drained by them, and end up appearing to be unmotivated or underachievers. Then the world loses out on the wonderful perspectives and innovations they could be bringing to bear if we just encouraged them to be themselves.

Sometimes, their ingenuity has been so stifled that they have difficulty identifying what specifically they want to do...


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5 Tips For Creating Meaningul Work

May 20, 2019 - Heather Hennenburg

Many of the people I work with experience a deep internal drive to fulfill their greatest potential and make a helpful impact on the world. They often struggle with what that actually means for them. They may have a lot of inspired ideas and don’t know what direction to choose. Or, they may feel completely clueless and have no idea at all about what their best contribution might be. Almost universally, they fear making the wrong choice. 


My deep-seated belief is that any human being makes their most meaningful and valuable contribution to the world when they are living their truth. When they are simply being who they are and allowing their choices to flow from the natural expression of what they love, the whole world benefits. Even small actions from this place of authenticity are powerful movements that ripple through our lives and influence our communities and cultures. So what do you wish to share with us? How do you know which direction is the right one?


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Do You Deserve To Succeed?

March 3, 2019 - Heather Hennenburg

It’s hard to get past these notions of deserve and worthy when there is something important at stake. When we really want something, it’s as if our worth is on the line and will be determined by whether we are successful in our quest. If we get what we are reaching for, we can feel validated. If we don’t, we can feel shame. The outcome becomes evidence that we are not good enough and don’t deserve what we want.


And yet, we look around ourselves and see a world where sometimes people who do terrible things have everything they could ever want and more. And we see others who make outstanding contributions to the world around them living hand to mouth, suffering with disease or loss, never getting a break.


Still, our stubborn minds forge ahead with absolute faith that what we get in life is a direct and reliable reflection of what we...


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Inside of Hot Air Balloon

Gifted Adults

January 25, 2019 - Heather Hennenburg

Many gifted adults were never identified as gifted in childhood and might not see themselves in these terms. Consequently, they may undercut the value of their gifts or believe they don't have a right to express them. They may even have been subduing their gifts for years in order to fit in or to pursue more traditional paths readily supported and encouraged by the larger culture. If you identify with some of the following characteristics, you just might be gifted:


  • You think and feel deeply and intensely

  • Your mind must constantly be active and it is often difficult for you to just relax

  • You can see many sides to nearly every issue...

  • You are highly self-aware

  • You are often seen as the “idea person” in a group

  • You have been criticized for not “sticking with one thing”

  • You are highly motivated to be all you are capable of being

  • You often feel “different”


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