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Gifted Adults

January 25, 2019 - Heather Hennenburg

Many gifted adults were never identified as gifted in childhood and might not see themselves in these terms. Consequently, they may undercut the value of their gifts or believe they don't have a right to express them. They may even have been subduing their gifts for years in order to fit in or to pursue more traditional paths readily supported and encouraged by the larger culture. If you identify with some of the following
characteristics, you just might be gifted:

  • You think and feel deeply and intensely

  • Your mind must constantly be active and it is often difficult for you to just relax

  • You can see many sides to nearly every issue

  • You are highly self-aware

  • You are often seen as the “idea person” in a group

  • You have been criticized for not “sticking with one thing”

  • You are highly motivated to be all you are capable of being

  • You often feel “different”

  • You are frequently disappointed when others’ depth, understanding and behaviour don’t meet standards that seem simple to you

  • You have a well developed sense of humour that might be a little offbeat

  • Honesty, integrity and authenticity are very important to you and you feel deeply wounded by injustice

  • You have a sense of your potential destiny and feel responsible to live up it

  • You strive to understand the nature and meaning of life and are a seeker of ultimate truths


These are just a few examples of what it might mean to be gifted. I am excited to offer a counselling and life coaching experience that honours who you are and helps you create a balanced life on the outside that expresses and supports who you are on the inside.


* Gifted characteristics excerpted from The Gifted Adult by Mary-Elaine Jacobsen and from



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