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My Unique Approach:


Counselling doesn’t have to be about mental illness. And with so many counsellors specializing in trauma, major depression and anxiety disorders, I do something different. I specialize in working with people who want to realize their purpose, fulfill their potential and live a creative and authentic life. That's not to say that you, like everyone, won’t occasionally experience periods of depression or intermittent bouts of anxiety. These are normal when you are growing and making changes in your life, and together, we will approach these with compassion, wisdom and insight.


However, compassion and insight alone won't move you toward your ultimate goals. They are only the beginning. The most important part of achieving your goals is taking action: integrating the insights, building a plan, and following through. That’s where my experience as a life coach complements counselling with inspiration, motivation and accountability.


In my work, I want to help you grow and make real, meaningful change while learning skills that you can continue to use as you move forward in life.



+ Identity and life purpose

Major life transitions

+ Personal growth

+ Career issues

+ Creativity

Gifted Adults

+ Feeling different from others because you :

  • Think about things uniquely and from many angles

  • Feel very deeply

  • Have difficulty finding friends who get you

  • Are uninterested in traditional career paths

  • Perceive that you are lagging behind your peers

  • Are driven to reach your highest potential and live with purpose

  • Are bored by small talk

  • Are drawn to travel and culture

  • Are bored by small talk


My mission is to offer support and inspiration as you get to know your true gifts and define your unique role in the world.



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