I have a passion for helping people live their truth and fulfill their sense of purpose. I love thinking co-creatively to help you discover your potential and make choices that move you forward toward a life that is meaningful for you.

Do you have a dream you've always wanted to pursue but struggle to move forward?

Are you feeling clueless about what you want to do with your life?

Do you have difficulty maintaining your motivation, confidence and forward momentum toward your goals?

Are you facing a transition in your career or personal life and feeling unsure how to move forward?

As an experienced life coach, I will help you explore what is most important to you and what will likely lead to the most fulfilling life for you. I will help you normalize and address your obstacles without judgement and assure that you see your progress and maintain perspective.


You will learn to maximize your unique strengths and abilities. Just as important, you will find value in and use for some traits you might see as weaknesses and discover how to leverage these for your good.

I will help you select the goals that align with who you are and break those goals into achievable, bite-sized pieces. Together, we will organize a plan that suits your personal style of getting things done. And, we will celebrate every achievement, large and small, along the way.

My style of coaching is influenced by the theories of Co-Active Coaching and Existential and Humanistic psychology.

Through my work with creative and gifted individuals, I have developed an approach based on principles of freedom, "response-ability" and choice. My approach is anchored in an unwavering commitment to your truth as you define it. My methods focus on helping you build habits critical to self-discovery, fulfillment and productivity such as:

+ Curiosity

+ Flexibility

+ Commitment

+ Accountability

+ Self-compassion

+ Focus

+ Adventure &

+ Fun!

Life Coaching Appointments

If you are in the Maple Ridge or Port Moody, BC areas, appointments will be held in person at:

300 - 22420 Dewdney Trunk Rd., Maple Ridge, OR

301 - 220 Brew St., Port Moody


If you live elsewhere in the world, appointments are available via Skype.​

I offer a free half-hour meet-and-greet, so we can get to know each other a little and determine whether we might be a good fit to work together toward your goals.


When we're ready to get to work, I offer you a choice of 50-minute or 80-minute coaching sessions.

In-person appointments are available Tuesday and Wednesday from 12pm to 4pm and Monday from 4pm to 7pm.

International appointments via Skype are available Monday through Wednesday, 12pm to 2pm (PST).

Fees are as follows:

50-minute session: C $120 + GST

80-minute session: C $170 + GST

Fees for in-person appointments in Maple Ridge, Langley and Port Moody are due at the end of each session and may be paid via cash, Interac bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard or cheque.

Fees for Skype appointments must be paid in advance via PayPal.